Woman enraged by ‘vaccinated’ sticker pulls gun on other driver

He almost got another shot.

Albuquerque, N.M., police say that 33-year-old Christina Blair pulled a gun on a fellow motorist whose bumper sticker stated that he was vaccinated. According to a report posted on the Smoking Gun, Gabriel Chavez was driving ahead of Blair, who saw the sticker and began blowing her horn and cursing at him.

Chavez said he waved for Blair to go around him, but instead, she caught up to his vehicle at a red light and hurled an empty water bottle at his automobile. According to Chavez, when he tried pulling away from the “extremely irate” woman, he inadvertently put his vehicle in reverse and backed into her car.

Christina Blair
Christina Blair (Handout)

The pair then pulled into a Walgreen’s parking lot, where Chavez said he planned to give Blair his insurance information as a result of the collision. That’s when he said Blair reached into her car for a handgun, which she cocked as though she was ready to open fire.

Blair reportedly told police she was fearful of Chavez and presented her weapon when he tried to stop her from leaving the scene. After viewing Chavez’s video of the incident, cops rejected Blair’s version of events and made an arrest.

“Throughout the course of my investigation, I was able to determine that Christine did have an opportunity to leave the area in her vehicle, but instead overtly reached into her vehicle and retrieved a handgun threatening Gabriel with the firearm,” police wrote in a criminal complaint.

The video, according to police, shows that Blair appeared to “rack the slide” of her gun, making it ready to fire. She was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

The suspect confirmed to law enforcement that she was aware of Chavez’s “vaccinated” sticker. Blair was arrested in 2007 for aggravated assault, according to the Smoking Gun, which reports that she also had several juvenile contacts of a “violent nature.”

A district court judge said Tuesday that Blair is a “dangerous person” and ordered that she remained jailed leading up to her trial. Blair reportedly told cops she sells Dodge automobiles for a living.

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