Westchester, Rockland Restaurants Eager To Hit Phase 2 Of Reopening Today

With several regions of the state reopening in different phases — and at different times — it can be hard to keep track of it all.

Dick Brennan clears up the next turns on the road to reopening.

“Excitement, a lot of excitement,” pub owner Seamus Keane said on Monday.

Keane had to shut down his place in Woodlawn on March 16, the day before St. Patrick’s Day, so it has been a long wait to even partially reopen, now for just take-out.

“There has been a buzz in the neighborhood about going back to the bars and restaurants that kind of make up the lifeblood here,” Keane said.

New York City has begun its Phase 1 reopening. That means retailers are limited to curbside or in-store pickup. Other industries, like construction, manufacturing, and wholesale trade can get going.

“We got the first phase. Let’s get the second phase,” said Woodlawn resident Mike King.

They are getting to Phase 2 in Westchester County, where owners are rolling out the green carpet for outside dining.

When asked what her plan is, Jackie Annette of Underhills Crossing said, “We literally put the grass in the street. We’re gonna have eight to 10 tables.”

The town of Bronxville gave Underhills Crossing restaurant a few parking spots so it could serve outside.

“If a certain number, like a critical mass of eateries need the outdoor space, we are open to anything to keep our businesses vital,” Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin said.

Phase 2 comes to Westchester and Rockland on Tuesday, and Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island on Wednesday.

It means outdoor restaurant service, offices can also reopen, as can barbers and hair salons. One note on barbershops — no beard trims and masks must stay on. Book stores also can finally let you browse for real.

“Were excited about it. We are looking forward to having people in the store again,” said Morin Bishop, owner of Womrath’s Bookshop.

In Phase 2 reopening, the guidelines are still strict. Places must stay at 50% of regular capacity, with all the usual social-distancing rules in place.

In the Tri-State Area, the states have different guidelines. In fact, New York has phases, while New Jersey has stages, and the dates of openings may vary.

So if you want specifics, check with your state government.

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