Truck driver sideswipes 40 parked cars on Queens street

A driver is facing charges after police say he sideswiped at least 40 parked cars in Queens overnight Thursday.

It happened around 2 a.m. along 53rd Street in Sunnyside, with the trail of damage stretching two full blocks from Queens Boulevard to Skillman Avenue.

Authorities say the 28-year-old man was driving a Penske truck and struck dozens of unoccupied vehicles.

“It’s horrible,” victim Richard Remache said. “So many cars up and down the street. Some are new, some are foreign cars.”

The driver was taken into custody pending an investigation.

According to police, the driver may have fallen asleep.

It does not appear to be intentional, and authorities do not believe he was under any influence.

“Just sad because people work hard, and somebody could just destroy your property…just like that,” business owner Thomas Wojtaizezyk said. “This is a

hard working neighborhood.”

At this point, it does not appear the driver will be charged.

“We are confirming that a Penske rental truck was involved in this incident,” a Penske spokesperson said. “We hope that everyone is safe. We are currently investigating the matter and compiling additional information. We are cooperating with the NYPD, and we refer all additional questions to the NYPD.”

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