New York venues have option to go 100% capacity for fully vaccinated

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday all venues in New York state have the option to go 100% capacity for only the fully vaccinated.

Some venues can be 50% vaccinated and 50% unvaccinated, but Cuomo says it limits the capacity of the venue.

The sections that are fully vaccinated means that people can sit next each other.

“It is a more enjoyable way to participate in the event,” Cuomo said.

The governor explained the unvaccinated section has a seat or two empty in between people, so it limits the capacity of the venue.

New York state has already authorized 50% vaccinated and 50% unvaccinated in venues.

Arenas, stadiums, theaters, concert halls and other venues can choose to go to 100% capacity.

On May 17, Radio City Music Hall announced they would open its doors for the first time in over a year on Saturday, June 19, to host the Tribeca Film Festival’s Closing Night film in person and at 100% capacity for the fully vaccinated.

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