Governor Cuomo Announces New Record-high Number of COVID-19 Tests Reported to New York State

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a new record-high number of test results — 110,444 — were reported to New York State yesterday. Yesterday, 0.89 of test results reported to New York State were positive. The number of new cases, percentage of tests that were positive and many other helpful data points are always available at

“When we first started this journey a few months ago, we only had the capacity to do a few hundred tests per day – we have now reached a new record with over 110,000 tests reported to the State in one day,” Governor Cuomo said. “Despite testing more than most other states, our infection rate remains below one percent. But this pandemic is not over. We must protect our progress, and it’s going to take all of us to keep up our hard work to do so. Everyone must continue to wash their hands, wear their masks, remain socially distant and above all, stay New York Tough.”

Yesterday, the State Liquor Authority and State Police Task Force visited 1,434 establishments in New York City and Long Island and observed 6 establishments that were not in compliance with state requirements. A county breakdown of yesterday’s observed violations is below:

  • Brooklyn – 1
  • Suffolk – 5

Today’s data is summarized briefly below:

  • Patient Hospitalization – 467 (-11)
  • Patients Newly Admitted – 61
  • Hospital Counties – 31
  • Number ICU – 144 (+3)
  • Number ICU with Intubation – 60 (-2)
  • Total Discharges – 76,101 (+65
  • Deaths – 2
  • Total Deaths – 25,425

Of the 110,444 test results reported to New York State yesterday, 986, or 0.89 percent, were positive.

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