Murders and gang violence surge in New York City

A new report by the New York City mayor’s office shows a big uptick in murders and gang violence in the city.

Murders jumped form 352 from 278 in the previous budget year according to the Mayor’s Management Report.  Numbers are now at the highest levels in five years in the city.

The number of gang incidents increased 52 percent in the 2020 Fiscal year compared to the previous year from 495 up to 750.

While major felony crime is up, major felony crime arrests were down slightly.

Juvenile arrests for major felonies did jump 54 percent.  The city says that jump is because 16-year-old are now considered to be juvenile offenders and no longer as adults.

Narcotics arrests decreased by 36.7 percent.  That number is dropping as the NYPD stops making arrests for small amounts of drugs.

The report noted that counterterrorism training to help prevent terrorist attacks has dropped considerably over the past several years.  In 2016, uniformed members of the NYPD conducted more than 210,000 hours of counterterrorism training.  In the 2020 budget year, that number had dropped below 100,000 hours.

A big emphasis on the report was the city’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The report calls COVID-19 the largest mass fatality incident in modern city history.

The city says is distributed more than 98 pieces of PPE to hospitals and care facilities across New York City as part of its response.

The Mayor’s Management Report was created in response to the 1977 budget crisis in New York City.  It is required to be produced twice a year.

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