Gov. Cuomo On Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘Not Out Of The Woods, But On The Other Side’

 Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New Yorkers overcame dire projections to reach Phase 1 reopening in New York City on Monday.

“We went from the worst situation in the nation, frankly one of the worst situations on the globe, to not only flattening the curve, to bending the curve,” said Cuomo.

The governor thanked essential workers, like health care professionals, grocery store employees and delivery drivers, for their efforts since the beginning of the coronavirus shutdown.

“If those essential workers had not shown up, you would have had total anarchy in society,” said Cuomo.

The governor noted COVID-19 cases in New York are declining, while cases are spiking in other parts of the nation.

“Based on the numbers, we can reopen,” said Cuomo.

According to the governor, out of 58,054 COVID-19 tests across the state on Sunday, 1.2% were positive – the fewest since March 16.

As the city adjusts to Phase 1, Cuomo is also reminding those who have taken part in protests that they are eligible for a free test.

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