Florida educator caught on camera yelling racial insults at mom and kids placed on administrative leave

A Florida educator has been placed on administrative leave after she was caught on camera yelling racial slurs at a mother and her kids late last week.

The woman, identified by the local NBC station as Patricia Schmidt, is employed as an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Specialist at Lely Elementary School.

On Saturday, she was driving a grey sedan in the Kings Lake neighborhood of Collier County when she stopped, lowered her window and went on a racist tirade against the family.

According to the mother of the child, who chose to remain anonymous, the incident took place after she and the kids walked a path designated for residents.

“[Schmidt] blares on her horn for like 10 seconds, rolls her window down and starts yelling out the window that we can’t walk down that pathway,” the mother said.

The shocking incident was caught on a cell phone camera.

In the video she can be seen yelling racist remarks at the family. “Are they your mulatto kids? You had sex with a black guy? Your kids are half-breeds. Look at them,” she can be heard screaming.

The mother who filmed the incident has filed a report with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. However, officials said that no legal action can be taken against her because she didn’t commit a crime.

Naples Defense Attorney Mike Carr said that “The conduct is reprehensible and I think it shows somebody who is mentally unbalanced.”

Schmidt, who has been nicknamed “Collier Karen,” was placed on administrative leave on Tuesday.

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