New York, New Jersey lawmakers propose hefty fees for drivers over NYC red-light camera debate

A battle over red light cameras leads to a war of words between New York and New Jersey lawmakers.

That’s after legislators in New York threatened a $50 non-cooperation fee for New Jersey drivers entering the city.

It’s in response to a New Jersey bill that would bar the state from helping New York enforce red light and speed camera tickets.

“Why would you have a bill like that?” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said. “Speed cameras save lives. What we’re trying to do around congestion pricing and other things, you know, sharing of information is important. I don’t know why someone would create a bill like that it makes no sense to me.”

New York City fought to have speed cameras running 24-7 to improve street safety.

The New Jersey state senator sponsoring the bill at the center of the debate now says the state could impose its own $100 fee for New Yorkers to enter Jersey.

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