Quintana Roo leads the world crusade in favor of tourism in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

⁃ Despite the well-founded fear of international tourism in the face of the pandemic, the Mexican destination recovers energy and is positioned as a leader in the recovery

⁃ The care and protection measures adopted by the hotel and restaurant industry, hand in hand with Governor Carlos Joaquín, receive increasing approval from travelers

In response to an unimaginable crisis, which has caused the collapse of tourist activity in the world, Quintana Roo is emerging as the spearhead of the long-awaited recovery for the millions of people who depend on the income of international visitors, attracted not only for the natural and cultural beauties but for the sanitary guarantees.

In the main Mexican destination it is a battle that requires enormous coordination. A battle that demands the seamless participation of the medical community and of all those involved in the tourist chain, ranging from taxi drivers to the hotel maid, from the aeronautical staff to the restaurant waiter. No one can be left out of the equation.

Governor Carlos Joaquín / Secretary-General António Guterres

“Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in the world. It employs one in ten people on Earth and provides sustenance for hundreds of millions more”, has insisted over and over again António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and that has been the guide for the quick and safe solution that today attracts thousands of people who book, travel and enjoy the countless tourist spots that make Quintana Roo an example to follow.

After the abrupt and prolonged interruption, the increasing flow of visitors is verified daily in the airports and highway and maritime access points to a state that has it all. Epic blue-green beaches, restaurants that satisfy the most demanding palates, unique archaeological monuments and a range of extraordinary experiences that are hardly offered in other latitudes.

Cozumel / Isla Mujeres

A very enviable cocktail of attractions without a doubt, but without the successful fight against the pandemic could be insufficient given what is today the main claim of those who decide to vacation to break the confinement: the security provided by a suitable sanitary environment to the challenge posed by COVID-19.

And although there is no infallible recipe for success, in Quintana Roo they have come quite close. The secret is the close coordination achieved by the private initiative, society and the government that masterfully interpret their role, taking care of tourists to regain the feeling of fulfillment and happiness that until recently were considered very distant.

Cancún / Tulum

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