Proclaims QR, Mexico, the triumph of socially responsible tourism; joy and protection against COVID-19

The differences are observed from the arrival at any of the airports, sea ports and bus terminals that connect the Mexican state of Quintana Roo with a new tourism in the first and very successful holiday season of 2021.

A new tourism that transcends the culture of environmental protection that characterizes the innumerable attractions offered by one of the main destinations for pleasure and adventure in the world.

Xcaret from Cozumel 2021

The culture of integral security is consolidated as a common language. Today, in Quintana Roo a new attitude is perceived, conscious and participatory, careful not only of ecological balances but also of the sanitary and protection practices that COVID-19 has imposed -perhaps definitely-.

Unthinkable until recently, the behavior of tourists and all participants in the activity that reactivates the world economy has become a daily practice.

Experience Cancun | Mexperience

Thus, with the strict observance of the measures ordered by the health authorities, hygiene becomes routine, healthy distance and care are the same in Cancun as in Chetumal, on Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, in Playa del Carmen. and Tulum, along the extensive and hypnotizing Riviera Maya, a world reference for natural and cultural beauties.

Quintana Roo has found the formula to leave behind, at least for a few days, in a safe and protected way the rigors of the confinement of tourists from the US and Canada, Asia and Europe.

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Success consists in involving visitors in their own care, in harmony with the work of taxi drivers, waiters and all tour operators. Between all of us we protect ourselves better, it is the winning currency.

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