Police say suspect has been arrested in death of beloved NJ teacher found in shallow grave

An arrest has been made in the death investigation of 33-year-old New Jersey teacher Luz Hernandez.

Police have not released further information about who the suspect is or what their connection is to Hernandez.

Hernandez’s body was discovered Tuesday in a shallow grave in Kearny.

On Thursday, an autopsy revealed she died of blunt force trauma to the head and compressions to the neck.

Hernandez worked at Beloved Community Charter School. It reopened on Thursday morning but the teacher’s students are suffering a painful loss.

Her death has led to an outpouring of grief after the mother of three apparently went missing over the weekend and didn’t show up for work on Monday.

Authorities went to her house near the school and found evidence suggesting there was a crime.

A makeshift memorial sits outside her home where friends and family are expressing their sadness and condolences.

Neighbors said the mother of three was sweet and pleasant and had three beautiful children.

“The best sister in the world…it’s unbelievable,” Hernandez’s sister said.

Hernandez is separated from her husband, Junior Santana. He was apparently in church with the children Sunday. The family said they would like to know his whereabouts now.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Office of the Hudson County Prosecutor at 201-915-1345.

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