Second gentleman Emhoff details new effort to tackle antisemitism in one-on-one

The White House is rolling out a task force, led by Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, to tackle the rise in antisemitism.

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff tried to recruit a coalition at the United Nations in New York Thursday night.

“We need everyone to be committed and unified in this mission,” Emhoff said.

He’s leading a White House task force to battle antisemitism.

“I’m just curious as we have these discussions.. have you been the victim of antisemitism before?

When asked if he has been the victim of antisemitism before, Emhoff said, “I wouldn’t say victimized by it like we’re seeing attacks today, but I’ve experienced it.”

The New Jersey native grew up in Middlesex County. Now, he’s the first Jewish spouse of a president or vice president.

“There have been times — say I was in a business setting, and somebody didn’t realize I was Jewish and started saying horrible antisemitic things, and all these years later I still regret not saying anything,” Emhoff said.

Despite the reality in America, where politicians and celebrities use their platform and social media as a megaphone, Emhoff said the way to combat the rhetoric is with “the truth.”

“Truth is the antidote to lies,” he said.

Emhoff recently traveled to Poland and Germany for the first time to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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