Poblano community in NY is organizing to support social initiative led by Yuhnue Ayala

Aware of the terrible health, economic and social consequences that COVID-19 has on the communities -for having lived it firsthand in NY- the leaders of this community in New York called to join with financial and in-kind support to the initiative led by the recognized social activist, Yuhnue Ayala, in Puebla, Mexico.

Derived from the news that these migrant leaders receive daily from their families and where they express their recognition, in recent days via videoconference, they were able to meet Yuhnue Esperanza Ayala, a member of the Network of Entrepreneurial Hands (Red de Manos Emprendedoras), the novel scheme by which they reach out strategically to the communities most affected by the pandemic.

Esperanza Ayala, commented that this scheme allows them to make a clear and transparent gathering of resources, optimize purchases and through a scheme that uses big data, they can determine the type of needs of each community that they will serve, sending specific goods to each population.
This scheme fulfills two purposes; firstly, it avoids the agglomerations of the most vulnerable in places of consumption, where they are more susceptible to contagion and, secondly, it delivers the specific help that these people need.

After listening carefully, the leaders of one of the most powerful migrant communities in NY expressed their full support for this initiative, recognizing their commitment to Mexico and their compatriots and making an immediate call for all Mexicans abroad to join efforts like those performed by Yuhnue Esperanza Ayala.

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