‘Hoax’ kills COVID-denying anti-vaxxer who worked for the CIA

A former CIA agent who bought into QAnon conspiracy culture has seemingly died from COVID.

The death of Robert David Steele, a guest on the far right-wing program “Infowars,” was confirmed by a friend of his on social media Sunday. Steele prided himself as one of the first people to identify COVID — which Vice reports caused his death — as a “hoax.”

Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

The 69-year-old ex-marine was reportedly hospitalized in Florida earlier this month, but remained skeptical about the virus that was killing him until his dying breath.

“I will not take the vaccination, though I did test positive for whatever they’re calling ‘COVID’ today,” he blogged on Aug. 17. “The bottom line is that my lungs are not functioning. The good news is that I will survive with a few days off.”

Steele optimistically called his fatal illness a “near death experience” that mirrored what he thought was happening in the United States. He believed he’d pull through, thanks to a sound network of friends.

“We will never be the same because now we know that we’ve all been lied to about everything,” he claimed. “But, now we also know that we can trust each other.”

Fellow conspiracy theorist Mark Tassi confirmed his pal’s death on Sunday, claiming Steele was fine until he was treated with an antiviral medication. Tassi claims Steele’s family gave into “shaming” and put the former Marine on a ventilator. According to Tassi, ventilators kill people.

Calling “the whole thing suspicious,” Tassi introduced a new conspiracy theory naming “they” as the culprit. He believes the death of people like Steele is part of an effort to undermine Florida’s governor, who has been widely talked about as a Republican presidential hopeful.

“They are trying to make Florida look bad, why?” he asked rhetorically. “Why? Because (Ron) DeSantis is not going along with agenda so they are targeting Florida. Open your eyes. Don’t take my word for it. Do the research as I have done.”

While DeSantis’ plan to push through the pandemic without locking down Florida was initially praised, the conservative leader has come under fire since COVID infection rates in the Sunshine State began skyrocketing in recent weeks.

Tassi said Steele was touring the country to push claims that Donald Trump was the real winner of the 2020 presidential election when he got sick. Steele had allegedly spent all his money promoting that narrative.

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