Geraldo Rivera to Trump supporters: ‘We lost’

When you’ve lost Geraldo Rivera, you’ve lost middle America — among other states.

Donald Trump (left) and Geraldo Rivera (right) on Celebrity Apprentice.
Donald Trump (left) and Geraldo Rivera (right) on Celebrity Apprentice. (Douglas Gorenstein/NBC)

The Fox News contributor says he’s been in contact with President Trump since Joe Biden won the Nov. 3 election.

“I know that many of you want me to continue denying the results of the election, continue cheer-leading for the fight against the result, the Biden victory, I can’t do that,” the Trump-supporting pundit said on a video posted to Twitter. “There is no realistic prospect that any legal challenge will overturn the results of the election.”

“Election 2020 is over,” he tweeted. “We lost.”

Rivera urged the president to leave with “grace and dignity” on Nov. 12, after Biden had been declared the winner. Trump went another route, promoting unfounded election fraud rumors with the help of an “elite strike force” comprised of unhinged conspiracy theorists including the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Their efforts have so far been spectacularly unsuccessful.

Rivera tried to sweeten the pot for the one-term president by suggesting that when a COVID-19 vaccine hits the market, it could be named after the commander-in-chief whose legacy is being shaped by the raging pandemic that has killed more than a quarter-million Americans.

“It’d be a nice gesture to him and years from now it would become just a generic name. ‘Have you got your Trump yet?’” Rivera suggested on Fox & Friends. “‘Oh yeah, I got my Trump. I’m fine.’”

While Trump has not conceded defeat, he made way for federal resources to be made available to President-Elect Biden’s transition team Monday night as the new administration looks to end the pandemic and repair the economy. The Dow Jones skyrocketed to a record high Tuesday amid news of a leadership change being underway.

“America is back,” Biden tweeted Tuesday.

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