Cases Of Mysterious Pediatric Illness In New York State Jumps To 102, Including 82 In New York City

 Gov. Andrew Cuomo says there are 102 cases of pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome under investigation in New York state, including three deaths – a 5-year-old boy, 7-year-old boy and 18-year-old girl.

Cuomo said 60% of the children tested positive for coronavirus and 40% had COVID-19 antibodies. He added 71% were admitted to intensive care units and 19% required intubation. Currently, 43% of the kids remain hospitalized.The latest numbers show 29% of patients are 5 to 9 years old, 28% are 10 to 14, 18% are 1 to 4 and 16% are 15 to 19.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday there are now 82 confirmed cases in New York City, a jump from 52 confirmed cases mentioned Tuesday.

Of the confirmed New York city cases, 53 had tested positive for COVID-19 or had COVID-19 antibodies.

“We need public awareness to grow rapidly,” the mayor said. “We have to rapidly inform families all over the city.”

Cuomo said the Department of Health will hold a webinar Thursday for health care providers across the state and is partnering with the New York Genome Center and Rockefeller University to better understand the illness.Fourteen other states and five European countries have also reported cases.

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