New York Gubernatorial candidates hone in on undecided voters two days before election

Sunday is the last day to vote early in New York and the candidates for governor are still pushing for support ahead of Election Day on Tuesday.

Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin spent time in the Hudson Valley on Saturday. His rallies, like the one in Putnam County, had strong turnouts.

New York Republicans were energized with increasingly better odds of electing a Republican governor for the first time in 20 years.

“Well, why are you bringing all these people to New York if this race isn’t as close as it actually is?,” Zeldin said previously about incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul’s appearances with Democratic politicians.

Hochul hit the road this weekend, as well, reliably to some of the state’s blue strongholds.

She was accompanied with heavy hitters, like former President Bill Clinton, as she tackled hot-button issues like cashless bail. Hochul also looked gain support from the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’m not going for the MAGA republican vote. I’m going for the heart and soul of New York,” Hochul said recently on her campaign trail. She will be joined by President Joe Biden in Yonkers as this weekend closes out.

Both parties are making sure to make the most of the few days left before Election Day.

Hochul was in Sunnyside, Queens Saturday morning.

As one of her six campaign events this weekend, Hochul was supported by Mayor Eric Adams, Senator Chuck Schumer, and others, at a unity rally.

Zeldin began this final weekend before the election with former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Zeldin worked to sway undecided and Democratic voters.

“We’re taking our streets back, we’re taking our subways back, we will fire weak District Attorneys who refuse to enforce the law, we will back our men and women in law enforcement,” Zeldin said on his campaign trail.

Crime has been a focal point for Zeldin as the election draws near. He said he believes he is the best candidate to fight the rise in crime, something many New Yorkers are concerned about.

“It is so illogical to say you’re tough on crime, but you’re soft on guns. He thinks the answer is to people on subways carrying guns, teachers in classrooms with loaded guns,” Hochul said about Zeldin’s views on crime.

Hochul was in Brooklyn Friday morning for the annual Democratic Breakfast greeting constituents and taking selfies with them in front of the Barclays Center.

Just Thursday night Hochul held a large rally at Barnard College in Manhattan with some other major names from the Democratic Party– Vice President Kamala Harris and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Fight for the ideals and the attainment of the ideals of our nation. That is what is at stake. And so we will fight! And when we fight we win!” said Harris.

And with turnout being the key for Hochul, there is perhaps only one other name that could perk up the ears of undecided voters: Former President Barack Obama.

Obama has been doing radio ads for Hochul in the final two weeks of the race.

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