Wild crash caught on video in NJ after woman suffers medical emergency at the wheel

Dramatic video shows a driver slam into a light post and nearly hit a pedestrian before crashing into two parked cars in New Jersey.

The crash happened Monday near the intersection of Midland Avenue and Passaic Street just before 2 p.m.

Police say the 88-year-old driver suffered a medical episode but was conscious when medics took her to the hospital.

During the episode, she apparently put her foot down on the pedal and lost control of the car. Her vehicle went onto the sidewalk, under the Passaic Street train trestle and struck a light post, traffic light and large flower pot.

The car came close to striking a man walking under the trestle who was heading to work at Walmart.

The vehicle then sped through an intersection before crashing into two vehicles waiting at the traffic light and finally coming to a stop.

Authorities say the woman’s seatbelt saved her life and she only suffered minor leg injuries in the crash.

The pedestrian who narrowly escaped serious injuries spoke out on Thursday and said he considers himself very lucky.

“I heard the car and it went like ehhh… I saw it and I thought it was going to cross and it was coming to me,” Warlin Almanzar said.

Almanzar got off a few stops early to grab food — something he doesn’t typically do.

“I had my empanadas in my hand, I just threw it and ran away,” he said.

Almanzar narrowly escaped with his life, but a tire did go over his foot and he will need to undergo therapy.

It was not yet clear what medical episode the woman was suffering from.

Abel Rodriguez was in his shop at the time of the crash and helped the driver.

“When I got to the vehicle, the door couldn’t open but she seemed shocked, she didn’t know where she was,” Rodriguez said.

No other injuries were reported by people in the other vehicles.

Almanzar was especially grateful for that.

“My uncle says because I have a good heart, god blessed me and saved me,” he said.

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