Teen fatally shot across the street from home in Brooklyn

A 16-year-old has died after being shot in the head in Brooklyn.

It happened while the teen was standing across the street from where he lived on Marcus Garvey Boulevard just before 6 p.m. Monday.

“It was pretty loud, successive, and startling. It was like ‘boom’ – something happened, I knew something happened,” said Pedro Alicea.

Family friend Brenda Stroman is heartbroken. Her eyes were fixed on the crime scene unit, and her mind is fixed on better times.

“Last time I was with him we went to the movies – that was my last memory of him,” Stroman said.

The 16-year-old is described as kind and respectful.

Detectives are working into the night to figure out who shot him – the community can’t take it anymore.

“It’s like all these young kids are getting shot, It needs to stop – it really does,” says Bed-Stuy resident, Grace.

The investigation is still ongoing. Police are looking into whether the 16-year-old was the intended target.

The motive of the shooting is unknown.

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