Rescues made as North Jersey residents prepare for flooding with Passaic River set to crest

Though Monday’s powerful coastal storm already caused substantial flooding, problems could worsen for New Jersey residents near the Passaic River.

Across New Jersey on Monday, first responders rescued a handful of drivers who were stranded on flooded streets. But officials believe the worst is yet to come for North Jersey residents. In fact, they were still performing rescues from Monday’s flooding into Tuesday morning.

The Passiac River may crest around noon Tuesday, which could send the high, murky water into local communities.

“The reservoir is right upstream, they have to let the water out there and when they do, it causes this,” one resident said about the river’s high waters.

Paterson authorities called for a state of emergency in preparations for the crest. Schools in Paterson and Woodland Park are closed Tuesday.

Several roads and bridges are closed, especially in low-lying areas, to prevent residents from traveling in dangerous areas.

“When it comes, it usually comes a day or two days later after they say, and it’s bad,” one resident said.

The mayor of Paterson says that the river’s anticipated crest could be about 10 feet high.

The city is preparing for the worst-case scenario with plans to split police and river services to provide help on each side of the city.

Businesses that suffered from flood damage are hoping they have seen the worst but realize Tuesday could bring a whole new set of challenges.

“We want to keep people out of harm’s way, and we believe it is prudent at this juncture for me to declare a state of emergency in the city of Paterson,” Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh said.

Sayegh said he’s urging commuters to stay away from impacted streets.

In addition to Monday’s stranded vehicles, a home was also left damaged when a tree came down between two apartment buildings.

Over on 5th Avenue, businesses were seen pumping out water, but the lowest point in the street of the industrial area remains underwater.

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