13-year-old accused of stabbing fellow student at Monhagen Middle School

A middle school in Orange County was locked down for hours after police say a 13-year-old student stabbed another 13-year-old multiple times.

It happened Wednesday morning at Monhagen Middle School on County Route 78.

Police said officers discovered the victim suffering from multiple stab wounds. That student was transported to Garnet Health Medical Center and subsequently transported to Westchester Medical Center.

The victim is said to be stable.

The defendant was charged and is being prosecuted by the Orange County Attorney’s Office.

Students say that a fight took place in front of a large gathering of kids in the eighth-grade wing.

“I saw a student walking like this (holding side), I assume that’s the one that got stabbed,” said Jaiden Mojica, a student. “I came back from breakfast over to the eighth-grade wing where I saw a big crowd. The fight had just finished and then the kid was walking from there this way. So I assume he was going to the nurse.”

The school district said that they completed a “full physical grid check” of the entire Monhagen Middle School Campus.

“What happened today is not OK,” said Amy Creeden, Middletown Schools Superintendent. “It is very concerning, it is upsetting, My heart hurts. Our young people and our school community need us. Today is a very difficult day.”

Later Wednesday afternoon metal detectors were delivered to the school. Just a few weeks ago classes at Middletown High School were canceled for a day after a series of fights broke out, leaving some parents asking why increased security measures weren’t already in place in the district.

Students were released early around 10 a.m. On Thursday, Monhagen will open with a 3-hour delay. Students will not be allowed to bring their district-provided devices or any backpacks or large bags.

“Since our focus for tomorrow is on healing, recovery, and processing our next steps forward, backpacks, bags, and Chromebooks will not be needed. We will share space, support recovery, and get our young people access to any resources they may need,” the school district said in a letter to families.

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