Future of popular Christopher Morley Park pool in Roslyn remains unclear

Christopher Morley Park has been a place to cool off during the summer in Nassau County for more than six decades now, but the future remains unclear.

Anton Bartul wasn’t the only one at the park on Friday – where pickleball is in full swing.

“I was thinking to myself – why is there not water in the pool yet?” Bartul said.

There are even new playgrounds on the way – and sports everywhere, but no sign that the refreshing Christopher Morley pool will be filled any time soon. Several camps had been counting on it – including one through Roslyn Chabad.

“It was about a week ago they informed me that they would not be opening,” said Rabbi Yaakov Reiter. “I was thinking that’s pretty sad.”

The camp has been sending about a hundred kids several times per week for the past 25 year.

“We hope there’s still a chance maybe they can open up – it would be great,” added Rabbi Reiter.

The Nassau County Parks Commissioner stated Friday, “The pool needs extensive repairs, and the usage has continually gone down. The Parks Department is currently re-evaluating whether to continue to use the pool or to put other recreational attractions there instead.”

The latest news is a disappointment to those who were counting on the cooldown. They love the park’s trademark clock tower and its proximity to Queens.

“We still come here because there’s no good pool in the Queens area,” said Forest Hills resident Gabriel Khaimov.

Mostly, they will miss the iconic Olympic-sized space that has been there since 1961. The childhood memories for Bartul feel as fresh as the pool’s cold water.

“My goodness – as a kid, I remember the platforms that they had, and the really high platform – the Olympic three-meter platform. You would crawl up to that, and it’d take all the courage in the world to jump off,” he said.

There is a press conference next week to kick off pool season in Nassau County. There is no word yet on whether Christopher Morley will be included in that. Many residents are wondering – if there is not a pool there, then what else will take its place?

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