Could NYC, Tri-State see more smoke from Canadian wildfires this weekend?

Could the Tri-State area see more smoke from Canada’s wildfires this weekend?

A storm system from Milwaukee is heading in our direction and is wrapping around some of the wildfire smoke.

Friday there will be some haze, which may not make much of a difference in air quality.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams addressed the concerns on Friday morning.

“Due to these fires, you could see smoke across the city today and potentially tomorrow,” Adams said. “Smoke may be visible, it is expected to remain moderate and below the threshold for issuing an air quality advisory.”

Still, Governor Kathy Hochul repeated the message to New Yorkers that smoke from the wildfires is expected to impact air quality on Friday.

While the smoke levels are expected to be far below what we experienced last week, the governor is urging those who are vulnerable to monitor the latest information and take steps to protect themselves.

On Saturday, the area will likely see a more significant push of wildfire smoke, although a change in wind speed could make a difference in the forecast.

Smoke from the fires has wafted through northeast U.S. states for weeks now, but it’s only recently been noticeable in most places.

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