Flight makes emergency landing at Newark after sparks shoot out back

A plane made an emergency landing at Newark airport on Thursday morning after video showed sparks shooting out the back.

The United Airlines flight was heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil, when the carrier says the plane experienced a mechanical issue shortly after takeoff.

United said the flight remained in the air to burn fuel before landing safely.

A photographer who witnessed the emergency landing said he follows many aviation accidents, but never thought he would see one himself.

“Never I would’ve imaged that I would witness one in real life… I was pretty shocked,” Murtalla Mbachke said.

The flight had 256 passengers onboard.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating and released the following statement:

“United Airlines Flight 149, a Boeing 777-200, landed safely at Newark Liberty International Airport shortly before 1 a.m. local time today after the crew reported an emergency. The flight departed Newark and was headed to So Paulo, Brazil before it returned. The FAA will investigate.”

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