What We Could Learn From this Small Municipality in Mexico: A Lesson for New York

New York, NY – As we analyze the success story of Tabasco’s Municipality of Centro, led by Mayor Yolanda Osuna Huerta and renowned economist Fernando Calzada Falcón, there are valuable lessons that can be replicated right here in New York. Calzada Falcón’s expertise and leadership in financial management have been instrumental in the achievements of his team, offering insights into effective strategies that could benefit our city.

Economist Fernando Calzada Falcón and Centro’s Mayor Yolanda Osuna Huerta.

One key aspect that stands out is Calzada Falcón’s emphasis on financial discipline. Through his meticulous approach to managing public resources and debts, he has brought about substantial improvements in the financial stability of the Municipality of Centro. New York could greatly benefit from adopting a similar approach, prioritizing strict financial management, and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently while managing debts responsibly.

Calzada Falcón’s exceptional track record in revenue generation is another lesson that New York can learn from. By implementing measures such as fiscal incentives, regular audits, and convenient online payment options, the Municipality of Centro experienced significant growth in revenue. Replicating these practices in New York could greatly enhance our revenue collection efforts and help address the budgetary challenges that our city faces.

Furthermore, Calzada Falcón’s successful collaboration with credit rating agencies, including Fitch Ratings and Moody’s, demonstrates the importance of building strong relationships with financial institutions. These partnerships not only resulted in improved credit ratings for the Municipality of Centro but also opened doors to secure additional funding for essential infrastructure projects. New York can draw inspiration from this example by nurturing similar relationships with credit rating agencies and leveraging them to access financial resources for crucial urban development initiatives.

The headquarters of Fitch Ratings Ltd. stands in the Canary Wharf business and shopping district in London, U.K., on Friday, July 12, 2013. Recent data suggest Britain’s economic recovery is gaining momentum after a return to growth in the first quarter. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Calzada Falcón’s unwavering commitment to investing in public infrastructure is also worth highlighting. Under his guidance, the Municipality of Centro allocated significant resources to improve essential infrastructure, such as water supply systems, road networks, and waste management facilities. New York, with its vast urban landscape and aging infrastructure, could greatly benefit from prioritizing investments in these areas, leading to long-term benefits for residents and fostering economic growth.

Lastly, Calzada Falcón’s emphasis on effective communication and transparency played a pivotal role in garnering support from the public and building trust. By consistently sharing progress reports, engaging with residents, and highlighting the positive impact of their financial strategies, the Municipality of Centro fostered a sense of shared responsibility and pride among its citizens. Emulating these efforts in New York to communicate fiscal policies and engage New Yorkers in the city’s financial matters can strengthen the connection between the government and its constituents.

Municipality of Centro, Tabasco, Mexico.

In conclusion, the accomplishments of Tabasco’s Municipality of Centro, under the leadership of Mayor Yolanda Osuna Huerta and renowned economist Fernando Calzada Falcón, offer valuable lessons for New York. By adopting a disciplined financial approach, focusing on revenue generation, fostering partnerships with financial institutions, prioritizing infrastructure investment, and promoting transparency, our city can strive towards greater financial stability, improved public services, and a brighter future for all its residents. Fernando Calzada Falcón’s expertise and leadership serve as an inspiring example for financial professionals worldwide, including those seeking to make a positive impact in New York City’s financial landscape.

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