Federal jury convicts felon in gun case after hearing Queens shooting victim beg for his life in 911 call

A Brooklyn jury took just 30 minutes Wednesday to convict a cold-hearted gunman on federal charges after hearing the chilling 911 call of a shooting victim begging for his life.

“I don’t want to die, Pump, please!” the victim pleaded July 20, 2018, as Alonzo (Pump) Shipp, 33, loomed over him on Sutphin Blvd. in South Jamaica, Queens.

Alonzo (Pump) Shipp
Alonzo (Pump) Shipp (Court Exhibits)

Shipp had already shot his victim in the stomach, then chased him two blocks near 119th Ave., where he collapsed. The victim called 911, and Shipp moved in to finish the job, Sig Sauer pistol in hand.

He ignored the victim’s desperate pleas and showed no mercy, but the gun jammed, sparing the man’s life.

Alonzo (Pump) Shipp
Alonzo (Pump) Shipp (Court Exhibits)

Shipp then tossed the gun into a garbage bin and ran off, prosecutors said. A passerby found it the next day and contacted police. Cops matched a shell casing from the shooting with the weapon.

Shipp was found guilty of two federal crimes, possessing a firearm and possessing ammunition as a felon, each of which carry a possible 10-year prison term.

The six-day trial was the first held in Brooklyn federal court since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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