‘Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill’ expected to be signed by Gov. Hochul, cracks down on animal cruelty in NY

NY Governor Kathy Hochul is expected to sign some sweeping, animal-friendly legislation.

The new ruling is dubbed the “Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill”.

It would ban pet stores from selling animals supplied by abusive breeders, or “puppy mills”.

The bill would instead encourage the adoption of dogs and cats from rescue shelters.

“Female dogs were executed, literally shot because they were incapable of giving birth any longer,” Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris, who sponsored the bill earlier this year, said.

“Animals sitting in their own feces in small cages for days at a time. Awful, awful things. And there is not a single pet store that sells animals that is not touched by the puppy mill industry. That’s why we should ban it outright. There is no such thing as a responsible retail sale of animals in New York,” he added.

There are similar bills in California, Maryland and Illinois, but pet store owners are fierce opponents of such measures. They say the bill is too broad and could close their businesses.

Gov. Hochul’s expected signing comes just a few days after an illegal puppy mill in the Tri-state was shut down.

Two women were found with stacks of animal crates, filled with 135 dogs and 45 cats. They were arrested in Brick Township, NJ.

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