Mayor Adams, other city officials to release data showing subway crime rates have dropped

New York City officials will discuss subway safety on Friday, in an effort to encourage people to start taking the subway again.

They’re expected to release data that reveals subway crime rates have dropped.

Weekday ridership is still down about 35% from what it was before the pandemic.

To increase safety and comfortability in the city’s subways, the NYPD flooded 1200 officers a day into the system this past fall.

They have also been trying to force people who appear to be experiencing mental episodes out of the subway system and into a hospital.

“But the reality is, everyday New Yorkers don’t want to see someone on their subway system, or sleeping on their stoops, or in their hallways, on ATM machines, that can’t take care of themselves, their basic needs. And we responded to that and we’re going to continue to do so,” Mayor Eric Adams said on Wednesday.

Adams will be joined by Governor Kathy Hochul and the police commissioner in their announcement, which comes two days after the new Grand Central Madison LIRR terminal opened to the public.

It’s the first major expansion of the railroad in more than a century, and is just another part of the push to bring commuters back to Manhattan.

Though city officials want to increase ridership, Adams did admit that some of those vacant Midtown offices will never be full of workers again.

That is why Adams called for rezoning parts of Midtown for residential purposes in his State of the City address on Thursday,

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