Governor Murphy hosts roundtable on modernizing New Jersey’s liquor license laws

New Jersey Governor Murphy is hosting a roundtable discussion on modernizing the state’s liquor license laws.

The discussion is set to include key stakeholders who will examine his legislative proposal.

(video in media player from previous report)

It’s being held at the Pru Thai restaurant on E. Main Street in Clinton at 11 a.m.

The event will be live-streamed on the Governor’s official YouTube channel:

During Murphy’s State of the State Address last month, the governor unveiled his proposal to overhaul the state’s Prohibition-era liquor license system for restaurants.

Because the state’s liquor license laws restrict permits to one for every 3,000 residents, restaurateurs often pay dearly – up to seven figures – for such a license.

That system shuts out many who can’t afford the cost, the governor said.

Murphy is calling for gradually expanding the number of licenses until such restrictions are eliminated.

He also wants to compensate those who spent much for a license, calling for a “targeted tax credit.”

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