Twin children found dead in Mount Hope apartment were ‘violently sick’

The 5-year-old twins who mysteriously died in their Bronx apartment had recently been violently sick, and vomiting at their school, according to police.

The deaths of the 5-year-old boy and girl are currently being investigated as “a medical tragedy.”

The boy had been exhibiting cold symptoms for about two weeks, including a runny nose and vomiting. His sister had an ear infection and was also vomiting and acting irrationally. They were both kept home from school on Monday.

Their mother last saw the children alive at 5 a.m. on Monday. She had planned to take them to the hospital when they woke up, but they never did.

Police say the children were cold to the touch when their mother found them lifeless in their bed just after 11 a.m. that morning. She then called 911, reporting the children weren’t moving. Attempts at CPR failed.

An autopsy is ongoing, but the medical examiner’s office has already told detectives there is no evidence of strangulation or bruising on their bodies.

The parents are immigrants from Ghana, and all indications are that the mother was loving and caring and slept with the children in her bed.

Their father is a home health attendant who slept at his job in Port Chester.

When the father learned of the children’s condition Monday morning, he instructed his wife to take them to the emergency room. She responded that she would when they woke up.

Police say the mother was so distraught that she had to be hospitalized for observation. She also underwent a psychological exam.

Their apartment was stocked with food, baby clothes and other necessities, and no drugs or paraphernalia were found.

Fire department readings in their apartment did not detect any abnormalities.

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