Texas governor busing more migrants to NYC, Chicago as Title 42 expected to be lifted

The governor of Texas says he will resume busing migrants to sanctuary cities again as a COVID-era public health policy is expected to be lifted.

This news is problematic for New York City, which has been grappling with the influx of migrants for a year now.

City officials say more than 53,000 migrants have entered the city’s shelter system over the last year, many of them arriving at the Port Authority.

Right now, there are about 200 asylum seekers arriving in the city daily but that number to grow once Title 42 is lifted on May 11; that’s the COVID era public health policy that quickly expelled migrants.

“Everyone’s looking at May 11th as this day where, you know, where Title 42 is going to end. In my eyes, Title 42 might as well have already ended. In places like El Paso are completely overwhelmed,” said Rep. Tony Gonzalez, (R) Texas said.

The impending influx is why Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he’s started busing migrants to sanctuary cities again.

Abbott sent a letter to the mayor of Chicago Monday, saying the migrant crisis is not just a Texas problem, but a problem for the entire country.

So, Abbott has started busing migrants to sanctuary cities again, including New York and Chicago.

Mayor Eric Adams says this move is problematic, not just because the governor is playing politics, but because he’s using this crisis to hurt Black-run cities. The five cities Abbott’s busing migrants to are run by Black Democrats.

Just like New York City, the influx has put a strain on resources in Chicago.

“We have now at least 40,000 refugees that are waiting at the border who will be likely, many of them coming to Chicago and the city still does not have a plan. We presented a plan back in September and the city still has not acted,” said Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 25th Ward.

The city anticipates it will spend $4.3 billion through the end of fiscal year 2024 on services for asylum seekers.

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