Suspect dies after being knocked off scooter by undercover officer in Bronx

A suspect died after he was knocked off his scooter by an undercover officer attempting to arrest suspects in a drug bust.

The man was fleeing the buy-and-bust sting when he was struck on Aqueduct Avenue West around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Authorities say Eric Duprey had just sold drugs to an officer and he tried to flee from police when they tried to apprehend him.

Police say the undercover officer threw a plastic cooler at Duprey’s head, causing him to fall and hit head on the ground.

Surveillance video shows the moment the picnic cooler was tossed.

Duprey, a father of two, later died at the hospital.

The officer was identified by the NYPD on Thursday as Sgt. Erik Duran. Duran’s actions are now under internal investigation and the officer has been suspended without pay.

The sidewalk where Duprey died has bloomed into a memorial and his friends and family say regardless of what he was doing, he didn’t deserve this.

They said aside from being a father, he also looked out for his neighbors.

Neighbor Eric DeJesus said that Duprey would often offer to find parking for him when he would come home tired and exhausted in the morning. Another elderly neighbor said Duprey carried her after she fell and broke her leg 10 years ago. She said she would never forget that.

Police said the use of force was not consistent with their guidelines and an official said, “we don’t train officers to pick up something and throw it at a suspect.”

“The NYPD is committed to ensuring that there will be a full, thorough, and transparent investigation of this incident to determine the facts and to take the appropriate steps forward,” the NYPD said in a statement.

The Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation has also opened an investigation into Duprey’s death.

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