‘Spider-man’ climbs burning Brooklyn building, saves 3 kids from fire

A good Samaritan helped save children trapped in a burning building in East New York on Friday.

The fire started on the top floor of a building on Hendrix Street between Sutter and Blake avenues just before noon.

Juan DiLone was in the process of moving into his new apartment when he heard screams.

“We were there because we were moving so we were moving stuff from our building to here so we see the smoke,” DiLone said.

Neighbors saw DiLone climb up the building and help a man pass down children from the window one by one.

“Then we start to put the kids down,” DiLone said.

He helped rescue three children ranging in age from a 3-month-old baby to a 4-year-old before he lost his footing on the side of the building.

“We saved the three angels,” DiLone said. “I’m glad I was there.”

Firefighters were able to rescue the parents and one other child from the window after extending a tower ladder.

There were six civilians and one firefighter taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries, according to the FDNY.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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