Several cars struck by MTA bus, stacked on top of each other in Brooklyn

An investigation is underway after several cars were struck by an MTA bus and stacked on top of each other in Brooklyn.

The row of parked vehicles at Mill Avenue and Avenue U were struck on Friday around 9 a.m.

Residents say about six vehicles were damaged.

Surveillance video shows what appears to be an MTA bus that crashed into the cars.

NYC Transit President Richard Davey said they are investigating how the B47 bus made contact with the parked vehicles.

“The bus operator involved was immediately removed from service and sent for routine drug and alcohol testing to determine fitness for duty,” he said. “We are thankful no one was injured as a result of this mishap and are fully cooperating with the NYPD’s review to determine the facts.”

The cars were towed shortly after the incident but the incident left residents stunned and speechless and wondering why the driver didn’t stop.

“So we’re not OK, It’s not OK to leave us with the mess,” resident Margret Blair said. “You traumatized citizens, you should have stopped. End of story. You should have stopped.”

Blair said she and her neighbors don’t know how to move forward and they were expecting more help from police and the MTA.

“We are literally using our own garbage bags, cleaning glass out of everything and waiting a couple of days as per the police,” Blair said “We are going to get a police report and all of us are going to fend for ourselves.”

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