Schnauzer returned to owner after 3 dogs stolen from back of SUV in Bloomfield; 2 still missing

One dog has been returned to its owner after three dogs were stolen from the back of a vehicle in Bloomfield, New Jersey on Monday afternoon.

Reporters talked to the devastated owner of a stolen Schnauzer named Charley on Tuesday.

“I just want him back, they don’t understand how much this is hurting,” Tamara Larmond said. “They don’t know that they took more than just a dog from me, they took my child, they took my heart, they took my best friend.”

Just one day later, Larmond told reporters that Charley was returned to her after he was found at the border of East Orange and Newark on Tuesday night. She said someone recognized him from being on the news and he was returned.

Unfortunately, Larmond says the other two dogs are still missing.

The dognapping unfolded around 4:45 p.m. on Monday, when the victim, a dog walker, pulled into the parking lot of Mavis Discount Tire at 77 Bloomfield Ave.

Less than five minutes later, police say a black or grey Acura MDX with possible temporary tags entered the parking lot and pulled up right next to the victim’s SUV.

The suspect got out of the passenger side of the Acura, walked up to the victim’s car and took the three dogs out of the rear passenger window. He stops at one point when a customer exists the store.

The stolen dogs included two Yorkies named Buddy and Champ and Larmond’s Schnauzer named Charley.

By 4:51 p.m., the Acura was seen exiting the parking lot and heading east on Bloomfield Avenue toward Newark.

Police are looking for three suspects — all men. If anyone has any information they are asked to contact the Bloomfield Police Department at 973-680-4141 or Detective James Romano at 973-680-4074,

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