Restaurant now charging customers a fee for ‘bad parenting,’ usually around $50

One tiny restaurant in Georgia is now garnering national notoriety for charging a hefty fee to customers for bad parenting.

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant in the Blue Ridge Mountains slapped the warning right on its menu.

It reads, “Adult surcharge: For adults unable to parent.”

Online reviews of the restaurant are littered with examples of angry parents claiming they were either charged or chastised by the restaurant for what the staff perceived to be unruly and disruptive children.

“If you have children, absolutely avoid this place at all costs. Holy moly – the most disrespectful owner made a huge scene in front of the entire restaurant because our children were ‘running through the restaurant’ – they were down by the river.. we were told we need to ‘go to Burger King and Walmart’ and that we were bad parents. They have a $50 surcharge for ‘bad children’. We were a group of 21 and our server was AMAZING and was overly apologetic. Terrible business practice, we will never be back,” one read from a week ago.

“The owner came out and told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my children’s behavior. My kids watched a tablet until the food arrived, ate their food and my wife took them outside while I waited and paid the bill. (omitted comment about owner) Disappointed by the experience,” another review said, also from one week ago.

“If you have children, I don’t recommend you go here. The owner was so rude to my grandkids he made the three year old cry. He told them if they sat by the river they had to be quiet. What restaurant owner talks to his customers like that?????? I’ll never come back… I’ve been told he is like that to a lot of people…” another reviewer said a month ago.

It should be noted that hundreds of other reviews praise the food and the beautiful views offered by the location.

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