Protests set across New York City as Israel intensifies strikes in Gaza

More protests are set across New York City on Sunday as Israel expands its ground operations in Gaza.

On Saturday, rallies marched for miles with Palestinians flags. At its peak, there were 3,000 people gathered to call for a cease-fire.

The rally was made up of an amalgamation of different organizations – including local Jewish groups opposed to the conflict..

The demonstrators say they are in no way defending the terrorism of October 7, but say for the sake of the civilian population in Gaza in time for the violence to stop.

The number of people joining the group has been growing throughout the day, raising voices against the war between Israel in Gaza.

They marched through Prospect Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan — nearing around three thousand at its peak.

There have been some arrests at the protests – but as they call for peace, the group continues to do so peacefully.

“The whole story is that a genocide is going on in Palestine — and the Israeli government is responsible, and so is the United States government,” said Maomi Brussel.

As they marched, they chanted and waved the Palestinian flag, being trailed by the NYPD. Hundreds of officers kept watch on the ground and from above, using helicopters and drones — working to make sure the march for peace stays peaceful.

“We need a ceasefire now to save all of the children in Gaza,” said Jessica Coyle, “We cannot stand by as children are dying. We cannot. No one should.”

The protests have increased in size and tempo over the past few days as the Israeli ground operation has escalated.

Overall, Saturday’s marches were generally peaceful.

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