Police seek 4 suspects in armed robbery who beat woman, child on Staten Island

Police are investigating an armed robbery on Staten Island that ended with a family being attacked. The mother spoke out about their ordeal.

Officials say suspects broke into a home on Livingston Avenue and Queen Street just before 1 a.m. Monday.

Surveillance video shows four people entering the home one by one, three of them armed with guns.

Authorities say they got into the home by kicking in a door. One of the suspects looks through a drawer while two others walk down the hallway and enter different rooms.

A 33-year-old woman, 5-year-old girl, 4-year-old boy, and a 54-year-old live-in nanny were home during the robbery, police said.

The woman invited reporters into her home. She didn’t want to go on camera, but she did walk us through what happened.

She was home with her 5-year-old daughter, live-in nanny and 4-year-old son. Her husband was not home.

The mom had to get stiches and she and the 5-year-old have bruises on their faces.

She told reporters she didn’t hear the men break the door down and was only woken up when they turned on her bedroom light and put a gun to her head.

She says they hit her with the gun and then slammed her into a wall. At this point, she says she was in such shock that she didn’t really even feel the pain.

Then, she says the men brought her 5-year-old girl in the room, she already had injuries to her face. They then brought the live-in nanny into the room as well.

She says they asked for jewelry, but ended up taking just two cell phones.

The mother said the intruders were filled with so much anger. She says she could hear it in their voices.

The 5-year-old will be ok physically. She just has a lot of bruising, but she was in a good mood.

Police provided surveillance pictures of the suspects. They are asking anyone who knows any information, or who recognizes anything about these suspects, to contact police at 1800-577-8477 (TIPS).

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