Police searching for thieves that broke into 13 homes, stealing multiple luxury vehicles and items

Police are searching for a group wanted in connection to a string of burglaries across NYC neighborhoods, swiping high-end vehicles and items within a three-month span.

Officers say this theft pattern, comprised of at least 13 reported incidents, targeted neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn – dating back to June 2 inside a residence in the Point Crescent neighborhood.

In all of these occurrences, which is linked to the same group, police say the burglars forcibly broke into residences between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5:10 a.m.

The most recent incident occurred on August 2, when they broke into home in Manhattan Beach and removed various jewelry, clothing, a Mercedes Benz and a BMW SUV.

Police say a total of nine high-end vehicles were stolen, including a Porsche, Audi, Range Rover, and Mercedes among others.

In some of the cases, including the incident on June 2, the thieves took off after being confronted by a homeowner or security system. In the other instances, they were able to make out with various items, including the mentioned.

Among the other neighborhoods the struck include Bayside, Hollis, Jamaica Estates and Bay Ridge.

No injuries have been reported in these incidents.

Among the nine stolen vehicles, officers were able to recover three.

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