Police arrest man in connection with stabbing of 76-year-old near Midtown subway

Police have arrested a man in connection with the stabbing of a 76-year-old man near the 34th Street – Herald Square subway station.

David Trotman, 38, a man with prior arrests, was linked to this stabbing after he allegedly assaulted someone on a Chelsea subway.

Officials say 76-year-old Iqbal Ahmed was approached by a panhandler around 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

When Ahmed refused to give the suspect any money, the suspect stabbed him in the torso, authorities said. Officials say Ahmed then stumbled into the subway station looking for help.

“When people usually ask for help, sometimes they’re a bit aggressive, sometimes a tourist might shoo them away, and they don’t know how bad the person’s situation is. These guys may not have eaten in a few days, they overreact, and things escalate to where they shouldn’t have escalated,” said Khiry B., who is homeless.

Trotman allegedly punched a rider in the Chelsea incident, police said. He was arrested at the 42nd Street station and was charged with assault.

He was then charged with felony assault in the Midtown stabbing.

Ahmed was rushed to Bellevue Hospital and has been listed in critical, but stable condition.

Ahmed immigrated from Pakistan 30 years ago. He works in the travel industry and is known to work late into the evening to accommodate his clients’ schedule.

“He is such a gentlemen, a hard-working gentleman. Mr. Ahmed works 12 hours a day to support himself. He was coming home and someone asked for money and he was stabbed in the side of his stomach. He didn’t know what happened, he was in so much pain,” family friend Miriam Raymond said.

NYPD data shows murders, rape and burglaries are all down from last year in the Midtown South precinct, but assault is up 15% this year.

GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money to cover hospital bills and expenses for the victim.

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