Police arrest 2 teens in Richmond Hill carjacking that put 28-year-old victim in coma

Two 15-year-olds have been arrested in a Queens carjacking that left one man in a coma, police say.

Officials say that the suspects jumped into the 28-year-old Tauree Thompson’s Lexus at around 10 p.m. on Monday. The car was parked near a Taco Bell on Liberty Avenue.

The victim, who was outside of the car to pick up a Doordash order, tried to stop the suspects from getting away. Officials say the suspects fled on Lefferts Boulevard with the victim hanging onto the vehicle’s roof rack.

The driver of the car lost control while speeding and hit a fire hydrant, which caused the car to flip over.

Police say the suspects got out of the car and ran off, but Thompson suffered serious injuries from being flung to the ground.

Officers stopped two of the three suspects and took them into custody.

With Thompson’s severe brain swelling, a broken jaw, and feeding and breathing tubes, his siblings spent hours at his hospital bedside.

“My brother may never come out of the coma, and he, he’s sleeping – he’s not responding to anything, and it’s just devastating. He’s 28 years old, just beginning to live his life,” said Tedra Thompson Grant.

Thompson is an aspiring music artist who loves to bring others joy through singing. Now, his siblings are his voice and are fighting to give him justice.

“I saw it, and I felt like I was looking at something from a movie. Yeah, like someone on the top of the roof, and then you get flung across. I was shocked when I saw that,” said Sharonn Thompson.

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