NYPD seeks 4 suspects who stole Apple Air Pod Max headphones off of at least 21 people

The NYPD is looking for the suspects who have stolen Apple Air Pod Max headphones from nearly two dozen victims.

Police say that in 21 incidents, four individuals on mopeds rode past people wearing the headphones stole them off their heads.

Each of the incidents that were reported to law enforcement occurred between January 28, 2023 and February 18, 2023. Most of the victims are in their 20s and many of them are females.

Here are the five most recent thefts:

1. Suspects stole from an 18-year-old female victim on February 18.

2. Suspects stole from a 23-year-old female victim on February 18.

3. Suspects stole from a 26-year-old female victim on February 18.

4. Suspects stole from a 21-year-old male victim on February 18.

5. Suspects stole from a 19-year-old female victim on February 18.

In many of the incidents, there were two men on each moped and the rear passengers stole the headphones. Police describe the suspects as men with medium complexions.

A surveillance video that captured one of the incidents shows a suspect holding two pairs of the headphones. Officials describe the suspect as having black hair, a medium build, and wearing all black.

The footage also showed the driver of a black moped, who was described as having a slim build, wearing a black helmet and all black clothes.

These headphones have an average value of $500. No injuries have been reported.

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