NYPD pleads for cell video of moments before 2 boys disappeared into Harlem River

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig made a public plea for anyone with cell video of the 14 minutes before two boys disappeared into the Harlem River on May 12 to come forward.

“We know that kids, they take video, they exchange video on social media, if anyone has seen any video or heard of any video, please contact us,” Essig said. “You are not in trouble for not coming forward in a timely manner, if you have any video out there, we want to see it. You can do this anonymously through Crime Stoppers.”

Essig said interviews with neighborhood teens has led detectives to believe video exists.

“Neighborhood scuttlebutt or talk, interviewing some of the children that were there, they think there is a video out there, we’d like to see that video,” he said.

Essig said an investigation, in conjunction with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and medical examiner, continues to determine if the deaths of 11-year-old Alfa Barrie and 13-year-old Garrett Warren were the accidental result of horseplay at the river’s edge – or something more sinister.

“We want to find out exactly what occurred on that river, we owe that to the family for closure, and we also owe it to the public as well,” Essig said.

Essig laid out a timeline of the 14 minutes before the two boys are believed to have fallen in the East River:

-At 12:15 p.m. on May 12, Barrie was dismissed from the Democracy Prep Charter School at 222 West 134th Street in Manhattan

-From 3:30 p.m. to 5:55 p.m. Alfa and Garrett were spotted at numerous locations in Manhattan including a fish market and exiting a residence and at a deli.

-At 6:41 p.m., at 143rd Street and Lenox Avenue, Garrett is observed riding a Citi Bike with Alfa and riding with a third youth.

-At 6:43 p.m., all three proceed eastbound on 143rd Street toward Fifth Avenue.

-From 6:43 p.m. to 6:50 p.m., police tracked the three boys over the pedestrian foot bridge. Two of the kids are seen climbing over a fence and going toward the water — that video is from a distance.

-The next time police observe anyone is 7:04 p.m., 14 minutes later. The third youth is observed northbound on Fifth Avenue at 143rd Street and he is then observed entering Colonel Young Park.

-At 9:04 p.m. that third youth is observed exiting the part at 143rd Street.

-Five minutes later, at 9:09 p.m., a 911 call was received from an anonymous male.

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