NYC Police Commissioner Caban makes several NYPD leadership changes

There are big changes underway as New York City’s new police commissioner gets his leadership team into place.

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig was one of the top police officials asked by Commissioner Edward Caban to submit his resignation last week.

Several top officials were called, one by one, to meetings with Police Commissioner Caban in his office at Police Headquarters, where they were told they would no longer be members of the NYPD’s executive leadership last Friday.

It is not unusual to have shakeups when new police commissioners take over and shape their leadership teams.

Essig was named chief of detectives in March 2021.

Detectives Endowment Association President Paul DiGiacomo said:

“Chief of Detectives James Essig is a genuine police executive who knows the crime-fighting business like the back of his hand. His care for the Detectives he led was evident in his decisions – and his partnership with the DEA was seamless. Chief Essig leaves behind a tremendous legacy in the NYPD, and he will be sorely missed by this union.”

Chief of Transportation Kim Royster, Assistant Chief of Detectives Christopher McCormack, and Assistant Commissioner Gene Whyte were also among those asked to resign from their leadership positions.

“We owe them our deepest thanks,” Caban said.

In a message sent Friday to all members of the department, Commissioner Caban said he was placing the right people into the right spots to do the right job for the people of New York City.

“I ask you to embrace these changes as we step into a future that is as bright as it is promising,” he said. “I ask you to join me as we salute our departing colleagues, as they exit our privileged arena of public service with their heads held high. And I ask you to welcome the leadership team taking shape before us and to be fully confident in knowing we will all be better for the creative, dynamic, and forward-looking individuals at the top.”

Caban was appointed to be the 46th Police commissioner of the City of New York on July 17.

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