New York City Council expected to override Mayor Eric Adams’ veto on housing voucher bills

The New York City Council is expected Thursday to override Mayor Eric Adams’ veto of bills aimed at expanding housing voucher use, a move that the Adams administration says could cost the city $17 billion.

The mayor signed an emergency order last month doing away with a 90-day requirement to stay in a homeless shelter to receive a CityFHEPS vouchers, the only piece of the legislative package he agreed with. He vetoed the rest.

The City Council says it will override that veto, passing into law bills that would expand eligibility for vouchers to people at risk of eviction, remove work requirements associated with the vouchers and raise the income eligibility to receive them.

The council’s General Welfare Committee voted unanimously to override the veto and the full City Council will take up the matter later Thursday afternoon.

The mayor’s office says that package of bills could cost the city up to $17 billion over the next five years.

The administration has not said how he would respond to a Council override, but has suggested that the state government has some authority over the matter, and could pursue legal action.

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