New video shows stabbing during Harlem fish store fight that killed man, injured brother

New surveillance videos show the moments a deadly fight erupted inside a fish market in Harlem.

The confrontation happened back in February. Police say 25-year-old Malik Burrell and his brother Robert tried to steal seafood from the Express Fish Market.

In the video, you can see employees pushing one of the men out of the store.

Moments later, both men return and the situation becomes disorderly.

The men appear to start throwing stools at the workers, and then the brawl escalates until one of the workers grabs a knife.

Police say the Malik and Robert were both were stabbed, and Malik died of his injuries.

The family says Robert was at the market to pick up food to celebrate his brother’s birthday, and he had no reason to steal from the store.

“I had my whole family, my granddaughter, everybody sitting in there, waiting for them to come back from the store with the daggone, with the food they were supposed to be cooking and they never made it back,” their father said last month. “My sons don’t have any reason to take anything, they have money. They have money. I have money. You know what I’m saying, they have jobs.”

The employee, 34-year-old Junior Aquino Hernandez, is facing assault charges as prosecutors continue to investigate where the stabbing may have been justified.

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