Multiple drivers rescued from cars as flooding hits New Brunswick

Several people had to be rescued from cars that became trapped in flooding in New Brunswick on Tuesday.

Officials told reporters that at least three people were trapped in their cars or lost their cars in the floodwaters.

The fire department said the sheriff’s department even pulled a child from a car that was stuck in the flooding.

Residents said vehicles were lifted and turned by the force of the water in a flash.

“It happened so fast, honestly the rain was like a white wall and then all of a sudden it was like a river just going, I saw all of the cars facing a different way, it just happened so fast,” witness Erica Jorgenson said.

Residents in a nearby house were forced to evacuate as the water rose, and a woman from that home lost her 3-month-old son when he slipped out of her arms while trying to escape.

Her husband said the baby swallowed water when he went under and was rushed to the hospital.

Some drivers returned to where they left their cars in the morning and were shocked to find that water went over the hoods of their vehicles.

“My car is completely underwater, if you open it it’s flooded up into the steering wheel,” Khrystian Taylor said. “My car is flipped around the other way, I wasn’t even parked in that direction.”

Police said Jersey Ave. between Taylor Square and Van Dyke Ave. were closed due to flooding and asked drivers to avoid the area.

Flash flood warnings were in effect for parts of the Tri-State area as storms moved through the region.

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