Man with knife shot by officers in the Bronx

Police shot an emotionally disturbed man with a knife in the Bronx, authorities said.

In exclusive video, the 42-year-old victim walked through the lobby of a building – and seconds later, an NYPD officer, weapon drawn, backed away from the same man, who police say was coming towards them with a large knife.

“I heard like a ‘pop pop’ sound – by the time I got there, cop cars were crowding around,” said Amir Anderson.

By then, police had opened fire, crucially injuring the man.

Victor de la Cruz tells police shot his brother, Raul three times in the stomach and leg.

It all started around 10 a.m. Sunday inside a building on Grand Concourse.

De la Cruz’s father called 911 and told dispatchers his son was having a medical episode.

“He feels he’s being followed, persecuted and goes on to state if any cops show up here today, I will kill them,”: said NYPD Chief John Chell.

Officials say two officers met the father outside and started heading up the walkway towards the vestibule of the building.

“The subject comes out , clearly becomes agitated when he sees the officers, drops a bag, produces a large kitchen knife, starts advancing towards the officers,” added Chell.

There is police body cam video of the incident, which Eyewitness News asked if mental health experts should have also responded with the initial officers.

“We are going to review the tapes but cops got here quickly , event took place in 28 seconds,: said Chell.

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