Man Tased on Long Island files notice of claim against Nassau County police

A Black man on Long Island who was Tased by police while trying to help a fellow motorist is speaking out.

Attorneys for Marc Merritt have filed a notice of claim against the Nassau County Police Department over the April incident.

Body camera video shows the confrontation between officers and Merritt in Baldwin.

Merritt said police asked for his ID but he refused because he believed he was doing nothing wrong — he had been helping a motorcyclist start his bike.

After Merritt refused the request, officers shot their stun guns and handcuffed him on the ground.

“I’m not a human, I feel like an animal, Tased for no reason,” Merritt said. “I think if I had been a female or a white male trying to help someone it wouldn’t have happened, I definitely know that wouldn’t have happened.”

Merritt’s attorney says police stopped his client for jaywalking.

So far there has not been any comment from the Nassau County Police Department.

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